How to Register on FaceCheck.ID

Go to their Website: Visit the official FaceCheck.ID website:

Locate the Registration Area: Move Your Cursor On a Avtar Image or then click on "Create New Account" As shown on the Below image.

Facecheck ID Registration

As you click on the link, a new page will open displaying the Facecheck Terms of Use and Liablity. Below this, you will see a checkbox labeled "I understand and Agree to the Terms" Click on the checkbox, then proceed to click the "I Agree" button.

facecheck id registration terms

After that, you will encounter a human verification captcha, where you'll need to slide to match the correct Spot.

facecheck ID human validation

After that, you will receive a facecheck secret code which you must keep safe. If this secret code is lost, it won't be possible to recover the account.

Then click on "Yes I Wrote IT Down"

facecheck secret ID

Now your registration is successful. You can view your dashboard and also purchase credits.

Facecheck Registration Successful
Please note: during registration, no email ID, password, or any personal information is requested for facecheck.