How to Buy Facecheck Credit ?

To buy facecheck credits, you need to click on 'Buy Credit'. Then, you'll see all the packages available. Select the package according to your needs and click on either Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Buy Facecheck ID Credit

Now you will see the Payment QR Code through which you can scan and make payment from your Crypto account, or you can also copy the Crypto address provided below to make the payment.

Facecheck ID crypto payment QR Code

Payment & Credits FAQ

What Are Search Credits?

Search credits are used for searches, it costs 3 credits per search.

How to Refill My Credits?

To Refill your credits, initiate a new order and complete the payment process as you did initially. It's crucial to avoid using the cryptocurrency address from your previous transaction as this will be ineffective. Always ensure to start a fresh order and pay specifically for that order.

Can I Use a Credit Card?

You can buy cryptocurrency, like Litecoin which is known for its quick transactions and minimal fees, using your credit card. Platforms like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, or payment applications like PayPal offer these services. Once acquired, you can use the cryptocurrency to conduct transactions on our website.

What's Your Facecheck Refund Policy?

We do not issue refunds. All sales are final.

Why the green "Pay in wallet" button is not working?

The button is designed to launch your cryptocurrency wallet app and automatically input the address and payment amount. Ensure that you have a crypto wallet installed on your device. If the "Pay in wallet" button does not activate your wallet app, you will need to process the payment manually. Simply copy the payment address and the required amount into your wallet app to finalize the transaction.